Birthday Pack Giveaway

2016-08-10 18:56:40 by Zen-R-G

There was an error in the link on the last post, but here it is updated:

It's my birthday today

2016-08-10 04:53:08 by Zen-R-G

I am an edgy teenager now! To celebrate, I released a drum pack for you to use in your songs! Go here:'s_Drum_Samples


Thanks - Zen.R.G


2016-07-02 07:25:48 by Zen-R-G

I am so excited to announce that I have just released my FIRST ALBUM!! Click the link below to download! A donation is completely optional, and I wouldn't really reccomend it, but if you REALLY want to support me, that's a way.


Shoutout to Telephone Lines

2016-06-18 15:57:49 by Zen-R-G

Just wanted to shout my awesome friend "Telephone Lines" out, who was inspired by me to make music himself. He's just started, but he's a quick learner, so he'll get better eventually. For now, though, he's making some techno loops and stuff for you to enjoy. Thanks for reading! (you can ask me any kind of question the the comments)



I got scouted!!

2016-06-08 16:04:24 by Zen-R-G

Someone scouted me, but I don't know how to see who did, cos I suck at Newgrounds stuff. Whoever did, comment. You're amazing :D


2016-06-04 09:25:37 by Zen-R-G

Hey guys, obviously, I have a Newgrounds page now! Here you will find tracks before they're released on YouTube, and be able to interact with me more! Nothing else to say, but if you're not from YouTube or SoundCloud, here are my links:

Oh, and my next song is just rendering, so it will be up in a few minutes. Have a good day!